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/ˌsɛr(ə)nˈdɪvɪi/ - a place you happen across during a journey
and fall hopelessly in love with.


To be human is to travel. It is an innate instinct, a child-like curiosity and a craving to witness as much beauty in the world as you can gather in your soul. It is the need to see new places, experience new sensory adventures and transcend mere living or existing.

Travel is in our DNA and has been passed on by our ancestors who themselves were avid explorers, with an insatiable appetite to discover the little secrets of the world we live in and constantly sought out new journeys that would enrich our lives.

Travel was the way of life but in our modern era it is not as simple as it used to be. There are many constrictions that hinder the path to our quest see the world, to take it all in, to live and love the adventure of exploration and travel.These constrictions may be in the form of having to adapt to the cultural differences, the worries of travelling to an unknown destination, safety, security, the variation of the cuisines served, the simple comforts we have familiarized ourselves with that we are not sure we can find on our travels.

As a traveler you seek to find little miracles of hidden beauty which are not accessible without understanding the local language or finding locals with the right knowledge. Many travelers faces issues with affordable luxury, or indulging in authentic experiences whether it be cuisine, excursions, location, architecture of the lodging visited and enjoying the amiability of the people.We understand that the soulful traveler requires a personal and close connection, Where they are out of their comfort zone but still comfortable. Where their innate curiosity is nurtured and satisfied, but never restricted.Where their sense of adventure can flourish, without the worry of organizing the journey towards it.Where they can live for the moment, without the hassle of having to create it.

This is Serendivi.


The Serendivi logo itself has a story to its unique design and vivid colors. The turquoise borders represent the endless beauty of the ocean that encircles Serendivi itself. The golden sand is the pristine sandy shores of the island. The circle is the sun that rises at dawn and sets, melting in to the horizon of our beautiful tropical paradise. The four corners depict all the directions that lead a traveller here and the intrinsic design is a mix of both ancient Sri Lankan and Dutch which is unique to Tangalle.

The Story Of Serendivi

The first chapter of Serendivi began as a venture and an enchanting quest by the proprietors, who themselves are avid travelers and globetrotters who have experienced the world in all its glory. Inspiration sparked on their many travels as they themselves experienced firsthand the issues that travelers and explorers of our exotic island paradise have borne with during their brief stay in sunny Sri Lanka.

It was then the idea of Serendivi took shape; Serendivi would change the travel experience, and transform to one that embodies a personal touch that’s warm, amiable and authentic; where every traveler is treated the way, we ourselves, would want to be treated, and an escape they are sure to fall in love with.


No quest comes easy and ours began with finding the location that befits the true essence of Serendivi.
Spending 18 months we came across the idyllic spot that showcased the most famous of Sri Lanka’s landscapes; the unspoiled, sunny, golden Kahandamodara beach in Tangalle. It was ideal and embodied all the elements we were looking for and it was available to us.
This beach front was a beauty on its own, but the wild, shady coconut trees and semi-arid forests that were home to exotic birdlife and small wild animals with a river that courses from an inland lake which forms a delta some 200m away, was an added bonus.
The location came with the ability for any traveler to take home an experience such as the beauty of fisher-folk perched on their stilts and casting out their nets into the horizon and as they sometimes embark on their own journey in traditional boats in search for a catch of fresh fish to enable their livelihood and for their family’s daily meal.
With the procurement of the land and upon further exploration it was revealed to us that the beach was home to turtles, various exotic bird life and many different varieties of flora, which are prevalent to this geographical region.
Take the small winding paths to discover several beautiful small lakes which can be explored on foot or cycle from the property which can be quite a wonderful experience.
During the construction we managed to witness the weather all-year round, which were sunny, clear skies and invitingly warm weather and only a sprinkling of monsoonal showers wet the warms sands every now and then.


Our ambitious architect Arosha Perera wanted to do justice to the beauty of the location without hindering nature or the view. Arosha suggested a column-less construction which would not obstruct the sparkling beauty of the Indian Ocean.
Walking into our lobby, located at the highest point of the land and surrounded by a vast expanse of the Indian Ocean, you are greeted by a breathtaking view, which cannot be put in to words but it’s beauty would only be appreciated and understood when experienced.
An architectural innovation was created by Arosha. He created a raw concrete “waffle slab” which allows in a cool airy feeling inside the lobby, with no walls or columns obstructing the views around Serendivi.
The courtyard was immaculately designed for space and freedom to move and be one with nature. You can sit under the shade of the swaying coconut trees, enjoying the breeze while you have a candlelit dinner, meditate or even just enjoy a cocktail and little time alone surrounded by tranquility.